God is Still Rescuing People with Sandy Feet

God is transforming lives all around the world. I was encouraged this week to get a message from our friends Dennis and Kyle Leon in Costa-Rica sharing about a wonderful baptism service they had the pleasure of being a part of. [You can learn their beautiful backstory here]. It is such an encouragement so get a window into God's work in Costa-Rica and to see how it's connected to all God is doing here. 
For the Leon's ministry is all about meeting people where they are, and in Costa Rica, that's on the beach. The ministry God is doing through them is all about relationships. In order to see someone grow in Christ you need to first actually want to be their friend. God is meeting people like Nico...
Nico is from Argentina, he had been searching for fulfilment his whole life. This search led him to drugs and alcohol, eastern religions, and self help programs but he never felt complete. One night as Nico's girlfriend participated in a Pura Vida Church bible study via Zoom he began listening in, he scribbled questions on a scrap piece of paper and passed them to her so she could present them to the group. As he listened he heard the simple message of salvation and wanted to know more. He continued to participate in the bible study and began joining his girlfriend for Sunday services online. He was one of the first ones there the first Sunday they were able to meet in person again. He has found fulfilment in the perfect love of Jesus. He and his girlfriend recently got married and were baptized together!
Stories like Nico's are happening at Valley Chapel as well. People who have been searching are finding new relationships with Jesus through the people here and it's infectious. I keep hearing folks say "It feels like God is doing something, it's exciting!" Let's remain in prayer that the movement of the Spirit of God in Costa Rica, Warsaw, and around the world would continue to inspire a transforming faith within broken people. God is on the move and it's just so much fun to be a part of.

Ryan Rovito

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