Local Missions

JR and Becky Crouse and family returned to Quito, Ecuador in early February 2021 after a year and half absence. They assist the Free Methodist Church there through leadership development and church planting. ✈
Chris and Yuko, along with their two sons, serve in Japan. Chris often evangelizes in areas such as train stations by singing and handing out Christian tracts and comic books to the people he meets. They help people to become pastoral leaders by opening their homes for fellowship groups, and by training others to start more groups. 
 A Hospital directed by Congolese physicians on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In years of war, the hospital campus suffered great losses. Restoration is still underway. 
Gerry and his wife Kati serve in Hungary. He is the Regional Director of Central and Eastern Europe for Free Methodist World Ministries. Their ministry is two-fold. Firstly, bring the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone they meet, and secondly, help those with social needs. ✈ 
Haiti is a country dear to many of our hearts here at Valley Chapel. We have sent three mission teams there since 2011. The country continues to deal with political and social unrest. We especially pray for Diesmy Gordon and the Kay Refij orphanage. ✈
A Christian University located in Hyderabad, India, empowering the Dalit and marginalized castes and minorities of India through Christian education. 
The Set Free Movement's mission is to mobilize faith communities, financial partners, and all segments of society towards ending human trafficking and creating new futures through community-based action in order to see the vulnerable protected, captives set free, and the oppressed experiencing hope and healing as neighborhoods are transformed.

Dennis and Kyle Leon, along with their four children, live in Esterillos, Costa Rica. They serve by running Pura Vida Church among the coastal communities. In late 2020 they ran a very successful project distributing chickens to local families. ✈
Rich and Laurie Sheriff have plans to deploy to Concepcion, Chile in early August of 2021. They have been invited there to plant a bilingual church in the Chilean Conference of the FMC. 
International Child Care Ministries helps individuals and churches to sponsor children in 33 countries around the world. Valley Chapel sponsors two children; a boy, Godson Joseph in Haiti, and a girl, Karen Akinyi in Kenya. 
LHS is a residential maternity home located in Warsaw. It opened in November of 2018 and was founded by Todd and Sarah Sutay. They serve women over 18 experiencing a crisis pregnancy providing shelter and guidance at no cost to the participants. 
We partner with Foodlink to distribute the abundance of food in our area to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to access it.