Getting Ready for Renewal! Summer in RE:23

My word of the year this year is "Remap." It started as a though about this year being focused on longer-term thinking, like a ship's navigator charting a course, mapping out and remapping the trip. Yet, a few months into the year I am finding that it also is teaching me about my relationship to the past. It's about looking back at where I've been and creating a map so that I can recall the old stories and guide others on their journey.
Our whole RE:23 plan is a lot like a map. It is a charted course that our community would travel through this year. I think it's been a great plan of recovery, renewal, and reimagining and we've already seen so many exciting and encouraging things along the way.
- We've moved no financial cushion to sustaining 1 month worth of expenses ($25K).
- Our attendance on Sunday morning has increased by 38%
- We've received 10 new folks into membership
- We participated in the baptism of 11 people on Easter
- Even our online engagement through social media has increased by 27%!
Yet, we hit this point in the year, facing Phase 3 ("Renewal"), and things are no longer "fitting" the original plan. We have fallen about $10K behind schedule on the financial recovery plan, yet It is clear that God is working on other things right now. So the BOA decided to pray together, inviting the Spirit to lead our hearts toward his direction in our summer of Renewal.
What seemed good to the BOA and The Spirit was to spend this summer focused on renewal of vision. We believe we are being invited to focus our efforts on transforming into a community through whom God's love flows. Bringing people into a Transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, renewing the health and joy found in our community and striving to go with the flow of Love pouring out of God's Spirit. 
So, let's consider what that will look like in practice
  • Renewing our focus on transformation through small groups, volunteering, and training at conferences and retreats.
  • Renewing our sense of community through preparation for Summer Jam as well as spontaneous community gatherings.
  • Renewing our efforts to be in tune with the flow if the Holy Spirit through our sermon series and continued prayer with one another.
Please join your community in prayer for all these things, but most importantly that we would pay close attention to the wisdom of one of our church's guiding scriptures, Romans 12:2
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
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