Moving the Cross

As many of you have been aware, we have a beautiful wooden cross hanging front and center in our sanctuary, but for those that haven't noticed, you have a good excuse. It's been hidden by a projector screen this whole time. That was done for a very practical reason and for weddings and funerals that don't need the projector, the screen is pulled up so that we can see the cross. 
After a bunch of discussions with leaders, volunteers, and other folks who care a lot about our mission, we have decided to move the cross. Our projector is an essential tool in our ministry, but the symbolism of a hidden cross just hasn't been sitting right with us. So, the cross will, for now be off to the right side of the screen. 
For some of you, this isn't a big deal, for some, it's interesting, and for some it is a change you have been waiting on for a while now. The empty cross is an important symbol for a church that is grounded in resurrection hope. This isn't the first and it wont be the last change to how things up front change throughout the years, but hopefully this small move will help us all draw closer to Christ. 
But that's only part of what I wanted to highlight here. This change is small in the grand scheme of things but it highlights something significant in the life of our church. We are a missionally-focused church, and symbols are valuable when they serve the mission rather than the other way around. A word of truth is that the hope of the gospel never changes, but the methods we use to communicate it should always be changing. 
This small change also happened because a small group of people cared a lot about it and decided to make it their project. What might your project be? If you have an idea for a way we can improve how we communicate the good news and your willing to help make it happen, then don't hesitate to reach out to your Ministry Leaders and/or BOA members. We look forward to serving with you!

Ryan Rovito

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