We NEED to Change

Jesus invites us to belong before expecting us to behave or believe
But, as we've learned throughout this series, belonging is a lot more nuanced than simply saying that others are welcome. We don't always feel like we belong simply because others say that we do. Yet, Jesus invites us to belong. The Gospel is all about how Jesus did the work so that all people of the world could follow him into a transformed and restored world. But we need to change.
The letters contained in the New Testament are all examples of how the early church processed the reality of the good news. How they "lived-out" the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. The common thread in all of them? Transformation for the sake of unity. They are all teaching how believers is specific cultures must change their expectations for the sake of the new reality Jesus brought to the world. They changed their beliefs, they changed their behaviors, and the result was a new kind of deep belonging that crossed every cultural barrier.
This Sunday we are going to talk about waking with "The Other" and how in order to create a culture of belonging, we need to create a culture of change, or more specifically, a culture of constant transformation. Let's explore a well known passage in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 and learn about how being a member of the body of Christ challenges us to belong and make space for belonging. I expect it to be another meaningful time of worship together.
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Ryan Rovito

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