Can You Spare A Vehicle in October?

Our dear friend and missionary Gerry McNamara will be visiting us here in America from October 1st until the 11th this year. He will be bringing with him some exciting reports about the movement of the Spirit all over eastern Europe. Gerry will join us for worship here at Valley Chapel on Sunday October 10th. He has a tour planned around the Genesis conference to visit churches and share his stories. He could spend money out of the funding that churches like Valley Chapel provide, but one way to cut costs would be to not rent a vehicle. That's where you may come in.

Do you have a vehicle that Gerry could borrow for his visit?

He is fully vaccinated, his lodgings have all already been cared for,
and his itinerary looks like this...

Friday 10/1 - Arrive at the Rochester airport (ROC) around 6PM
Sunday 10/3 - Visit Community of the Savior and Edgewood FMC in Rochester
Monday 10/4 - Visit Pearce Church in N. Chili
Tuesday 10/5 - Visit Northgate FMC in Batavia
Wednesday 10/6 - Visit CV Free in Norwich
Sunday 10/10 - Visit Valley Chapel
Monday 10/11 - Depart back to Budapest
Our missionaries (like Gerry) are an essential part of how we as a local church remain connected with the greater body of Christ around the world. Be sure to save the date to come and hear his report. Also, feel free to invite him to spend time with you so you can show him around while he is in town. 
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