New Priorities for a New Season

Since 2012 (almost 10 years ago!), our mission at Valley Chapel has been to Reach, Teach, Mend, and Send. This mission statement has driven our ministries and focused our plans on what God uniquely has for this congregation to do. I believe we have been faithful in that mission.
Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, cultural change in our country and communities, as well as a change in pastoral leadership, we find ourselves in a whole new season serving a whole new culture. Typically a church (much like any organization) will re-evaluate and refocus their mission about once every 7 years. So, it is time that we pause to tighten up the screws, re-calibrate our tools, and prayerfully seek what God would have us focus on for this next season.
You see, the good news of Jesus never changes, but the ways we share it need to meet the world we live in. Our task as a part of the Free Methodist Church is to love God, love others, and make disciples, but as a local expression of the church, we have a unique part to play in that mission. So, the leadership teams and I will be exploring a few key questions...

- Who are we uniquely called to be and how do we explain it?

- What we are here to do and how do we plan to do it?
When we are done, we will have a collection of statements that will serve as guidelines as we discern what is and what is not ours to do. 
But this isn't something that should live in board meetings behind closed doors. You have a part to play in this process. While your leaders pray, discuss, brainstorm, and try to determine what God has for our church, your voice matters because this is your identity and your mission. 
There are two steps I would like to ask everyone to make.

First, commit to praying for your leaders weekly. Pray that God will give them confidence, clarity, and wisdom as they forge these statements.

Second, share with us directly what you think makes Valley Chapel special. Who do you think we are uniquely called to be? What do you think we are called to do? What values do you think stand out in this church that make us special? God may want to speak to the leaders through YOU. You can easily share this on Sundays using your Prayer and Response Card, or you can write in a comment online [HERE].
Thank you for being a part of what God is doing here at Valley Chapel!

Ryan Rovito

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