Debbie is going to help us draw closer to Jesus!

As you come in the building on Sunday you may notice a friendly face hanging out by the "Draw Closer" board. Her name is Debbie Johnson and she is amazing! You should definitely say hi if you haven't already.
Debbie joined our church this year, but she's been walking with Jesus her entire life. She has agreed to serve as our next Discipleship Team leader. That means she is here to help you find any resources you could need to help you draw closer to Jesus and your community at Valley Chapel. She will also be training, mentoring, and supporting our small group leaders. So, if you want to get plugged into a group or if you were thinking of starting a group yourself, Debbie is the person you want to talk to. 
But, beyond all that Debbie is simply a cool person to talk to and get to know. She works at Lighthouse Station right here in Warsaw, serving young women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy as a part-time house mother. She is a people-person to the core and if you need a bit of encouragement in your faith, then ask her to share one of her amazing stories about how she's seen God at work in the world. I feel like my faith is more full and God feels a bit closer every time I talk to her.
Everything we do at Valley Chapel is so that we are transforming into a community through whom God's love flows, but why is that important? Well, because when we live out that vision, we draw closer to Jesus which is the whole point isn't it? Yeah, we make friends, and have meaningful experiences at church, but the reason we all do this is because of Jesus. God has called Debbie in this season to help us do just that. Draw Closer to Christ and one another. So introduce yourself and ask her how she can help you draw closer to Jesus today.

Ryan Rovito

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