We're halfway through Phase 1! RE:23 Recovery update

Recovery is supposed to start slowly.

Our injuries have been assessed, our plan of treatment put in place, and we are on our way. We began 2023 with Rest, focusing our hearts on Jesus as the source and focal-point of our faith. It's been really nice actually. Since the start of 2023 we've seen our average attendance increase by 20 folks, we have been having a blast exploring our personal RE:words, we have a more full praise band, we have a beautiful new art gallery, and there is a general sense of hope, energy, and enthusiasm.

You may be wondering "how's the financial situation going?
Simply put, we are right on schedule. 
Our goal was to rest during January & February and then get to $35K by the end of April. That means we are exactly where we plan to be so far and it's time for us to start the first weeks of work.
Over the next 8 weeks our hope is to spend roughly $1,250/week less than we bring in to get to our Season 1 goal. It's time to start transitioning from the "Rest" phase to the "test" phase where we gauge what we are capable of and start pushing ourselves a little bit without being too aggressive.

Please remain faithful in prayer that we would make wise stewardship decisions and God would continue to provide for us in this year of recovery. Pray that God would show up in unexpected ways so that we can not only recover, but thrive.

Also, thank you so much for your consistent giving as we seek recovery, renewal, and reimagining in 2023!

Ryan Rovito

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