Associate Pastor Search Update (Sept. 2021)

Many of you have been curious about the silence about our associate pastor search this summer. So, here is an update about where we have been and what is next. 
We interviewed a handful of solid candidates back in the late spring. After much deliberation, we decided to make an offer to a candidate who the cabinet felt was a wonderful fit. The candidate was also interested, but lived a quite a distance away and wanted a chance to come and visit our church prior to giving us and answer. In order for them to honor some commitments during the summer, we scheduled a visit for early August. 
This pause to wait for our candidate's visit also gave us an opportunity to watch our financial situation during the summer dip (attendance and giving often go down during the summer while everyone's schedules are inconsistent). We increased our budget according to the expected need if someone were to start mid-summer and waited. The charts below is reflective of our finances up until the end of August.
The increase in giving in May when we announced the search did not continue through the summer, though many of you still faithfully gave throughout. God has accomplished much with the giving that has been offered throughout the summer (VBS, food giveaways, updated alarm and security system) but the money was simply not there for a full-time associate pastor. Nevertheless, we trust that God would provide our next steps at the right time.
Our candidate visited, and after a follow up conversation, they decided that though they were encouraged by and excited about the opportunity to join us in our mission, the distance they would need to move was simply too big of a change for their family to make at this time. 
It was a bittersweet response for us all. Bitter in that this person was exactly the type of leader we pictured guiding us in this next season, but sweet to know that it gave us an opportunity to regroup and not overspend in a financially tight season. 
So, we are currently back to the drawing board. The BOA will return from our summer break on Sept 13th and we will be discussing what comes next. Please keep myself, the cabinet and BOA in your prayers as we navigate these next steps. I believe that God is doing some really special things here and though this may feel like a setback now, I expect that in the future we will look back at this time with gratitude for all God was doing to prepare us for whatever comes next.
If you are looking for a way to be a part of this next season, I would like to offer a few great options. 




Ryan Rovito

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