Changing the Future for Girls in Kenya

Around the world, millions of girls in our churches, schools, and communities struggle with sanitation (and shame) every month when they menstruate, which often means missing school or work.
Wunders is a synergistic program between SEED Livelihood Network, the Set Free Movement, and International Child Care Ministries. In the next 2-4 years, they will expand a micro-enterprise model through churches around the world. Local sewing centers will create washable menstrual supplies. This will help girls stay in school, help women hold longer-term jobs, reduce waste, create livelihoods, and lower the risk of girls and women being trafficked.
Not only are reusable pads given to girls at risk, but they are also given education about use. The curriculum will has built-in resources for teachers and parents. Including, not only vital information about health and safety but also an emphasis the God-given value and unique design seen in each of us. The hope of this emerging curriculum is to translate the love of God to marginalized girls and women by helping them to know they are “wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Through this engagement, we can partner to transform embarrassment, lost opportunity, and fear into dignity for all of God’s people, dignity, and hope. 
And after 3 years of development and building, Wunders is launching a pilot project in Kenya, along with Thrive (a group fighting gender-based violence) and Tumaini Women Kenya (a savings and loan network reaching communities throughout Kenya). 
Let's be in prayer for this organization and the girls that will be impacted by them. Praise God for the work he is doing in making this world a better place!

Ryan Rovito

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