What is "RE:23"?

Why do we create margin in our lives?

Well, simply put, life is unpredictable. Anything that resembles control or the ability to predict the future is an illusion. So, we trust God to provide and put in the effort to live within the means God has provided.

Yet, God also calls us to grow. Consider the parable of the talents in Matthew 15:14-30.

A man who left three servants in charge of his wealth. Two of them used that wealth to earn interest, while the third buried it in the ground to guarantee he could return it to the man. Who was praised?

It's easy, when life gets hard, to simply hunker down and try to survive, yet the gospel doesn't invite us to survive, does it? We are to thrive and cause flourishing for those around us; to live lives of abundance and generosity. To do that, we must use the resources God has given us, not to simply spend them but to multiply them for the sake of the world around us. That's why it’s time for...

RE:23, a year of recovery, renewal, and reimagining

2023 can be a year of restoration and revival, but it will require us to work together. Our church’s margin helped us endure a difficult season, but it is now time to rebuild, so that we don’t end up burying what we have left in the sand.

RE:23 is for 2023, but you're invited to start RE:23 early as you consider your final weeks of giving in 2022.

For our community, financial recovery looks like $15,000 in our emergency fund and $60,000 (3-months expenses) in our general fund. So far, our emergency fund has fully recovered, and we have about $10,000 in our general fund. If we gather an extra $5000 before the end of the year, we will start 2023 ¼ of the way to our goal!

Recovery is possible, but we can only do it together. 

As you consider your giving at the end of this year, would you prayerfully consider going above and beyond to create some momentum toward our financial recovery in 2023?

Only give financially if you have the means and are eager to do so. This is not a call to give what we do not have. In fact, RE:23 is about a whole lot more than just finances. It’s about recovering, renewing, and reimagining every part of our lives. So take some time and ask, “how might God be calling me to “RE” in 2023?”

  • Perhaps it’s reviewing your priorities and schedule.
  • Perhaps it’s restoring a relationship that has been broken for far too long.
  • Perhaps it’s resurrecting a passion that has laid dormant for years.
  • Perhaps it’s reimagining a group or team that needs fresh, inspired change.
  • Perhaps it is rest and recreation, intentionally making space to enjoy this life.

Whatever it is for you, know that we are in it together. Let’s lean on one another and the provision of God. Let’s be devout in prayer that God would recover, renew and re-inspire us in 2023 so that his gospel spreads and his love multiplies throughout our community.
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