Jephthah's Daughter

Have you witnessed or experienced inherited dysfunction? Where broken parents raise broken children who raise broken children and the cycle continues. It's easy to sit back and judge the poor behavior of others, but God invites us to look deeper, to not see people as good or evil, but complex and mysterious, accountable for our own actions as well as victims of the harm done to us.
The reality is that hurt people hurt people. Those who are inflicting harm on others have likely had great harm inflicted on them. This week we will go to Judges 11:29-40 to learn about the story of Jephthah's daughter and the great tragedy that generations of brokenness caused.
Dysfunction may be passed on from generation to generation, but we all have an opportunity to break the cycle, to change the tragectory for the next generation, and Jephthah's Daughter shows us exactly how. I expect this to be a challenging message to hear, it was challenging for me to prepare, but I am convinced it reflects the desire of God for all of us.
I also can't imagine it falling with better timing. Through no intentional coordination, the Spirit has led Hilary and Kasey to start another round of the "Be The Bridge" Small Group on June 9th, online every other week. Their group reads and discusses Latasha Morrison's challenging and hopeful guide to Christ-centered racial reconciliation. This is not an easy book, it will require you to take a hard look at brokenness, both outside of and inside of yourself. 
What sacrifice might God be calling you to make in order to break the cycle of generational brokenness? What suffering might you be called to experience so that our children don't need to? I expect this to be a powerful Sunday and I am eager to worship by your side.
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Ryan Rovito

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