A Big Change for the Gunning Family

As most of you are aware, Hilary Gunning has been leading our worship team as a part-time staff member since 2018. She stepped in as a vocalist and has grown to be an exceptional team leader and song selector all through a global pandemic. She led us through online worship experiences, taught us new music from a rich diversity of artists, and helped a whole generation of kids find a place in our worship experience. I am immensely grateful for all she has contributed to our mission and worship experience here at Valley Chapel.
The Gunning family has lived in Houghton for a long time despite Nic's job directing the Public Library in Wellsville (Hilary works from home as an editor), but they are heading into a season of change. I will let Hilary explain...
Hi, everyone! I wanted to give you an update on my family and our upcoming plans. At the end of this year, I'll be stepping down as worship leader at Valley Chapel. Nic and Westen and I will be moving to be closer to Nic's work and have access to more resources for Westen as he grows up. We love Valley Chapel and all of the people here, and we hope to remain part of the church community as much as possible, but the distance means I won't be able to continue leading the worship team.

I plan to continue leading through Advent, so you'll still see me up there for a few more months. I've loved leading worship with you all these past several years, and I'll definitely miss playing with my teammates, working with the leadership at Valley Chapel, and worshiping through music with my church family. I'm glad to be able to stay around a bit longer as we finalize our move.

I'll see you all on Sunday!
I will be working closely with the Pastor's Cabinet to search for someone who can lead our worship team once Hilary is officially done. But, until then, please join me in thanking her for all she has done for the kingdom here at Valley Chapel in her role as worship leader over this past season and praying for the family as they head into this change.

Ryan Rovito

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