Making Room for Mobility

We've been praying and thinking about how we can help our facilities better serve our friends who use mobility devices. We want our space to be accessible for everyone regardless of the tools they use to get around. Due to financial constraints, we have not been able to start some of our big-dream projects, but thanks to some clever ideas from caring community members, we have been able to take some of our first steps.
First, we had a generous donation of a collapsible ramp for us to use to give wheelchair access to the stage

Now, we have removed 6 pews in the sanctuary to make room for dedicated seating for folks using mobility devices.
Thank you to those who have offered your time and money toward giving comfortable access to others at Valley Chapel!
But, church, this is just the start. There are still opportunities for us to help give greater access.

  • RAMP: The stage ramp is too steep, so we need to build a larger, more sturdy ramp for stage access, ideally one with handrails.
  • BATHROOM: We do not have truly accessible bathroom space, so we hope to fund, design, and build an accessible family bathroom.
  • DOORS: Our doorways are heavy and difficult to maneuver for those who use wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. We would like to install some automated entry doors to make mid-week entry less of a challenge.
Please remain in prayer for God to provide the vision and resources for these projects. 
That all being said, you may be wondering...

"what are we planning to do with the removed pews?"
Step 1: We will identify the 6 pews in worst condition and replace them with the removed pews that are in good condition.

Step 2: The pews that will be permanently removed are yours to take! If you would like to take a pew home with you, then come and get it! They are first-come-first-served.

Step 3: The pews will be stored until Memorial Day Weekend. If they are not taken by that point they will be disposed of.

Ryan Rovito

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