More Mask Policy Changes

I am glad that things are starting to open up and with vaccines, some of us are able to remove our masks and sit close to one another again, but that’s not true yet for everyone. Some are not ready to get the vaccine, some have not been able to, some are not comfortable with it, and some are not old enough yet. As Christ-followers, our every action is a signpost to Jesus. There is going to be a lot of nuance as we navigate these changes out of the pandemic and we have a glorious opportunity to show the love, peace, and hospitality of Christ to our community.
Here at Valley Chapel, we will no longer be requiring masks and distancing for adult activities including worship, small groups, and other programs. But like in the schools, kids 12 and under and everyone working with them will keep wearing their masks. If you are leading a group or hosting a group, I encourage you to consider the comfort levels of those who will be attending and adjust your mask practices accordingly.
I want to encourage us all to continue showing hospitality to our community by gently receiving the wide range of rules each business and home will have. I keep hearing reports from folks in our community who were threatened or accosted for the rules they are working with and it breaks my heart. Instead we can be people who show patience and understanding to them. Your simple and gentle kindness to our neighbors will point them toward Jesus.
If you’re considering a visit in person, know that if you still choose to wear a mask, you will not be alone and if you would like to stay spaced out, we still have socially distanced seating available right here in the sanctuary. All are welcome and all belong no matter their beliefs about mask-wearing, distancing, or vaccines.
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