Our New LMC!

A huge part of listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes out of the question "what is mine to do?" For some folks that question leads to another big one, "Am I being called to be a Pastor?"

In the Free Methodist Church, when someone thinks they may be receiving that invitation, they begin by becoming a Local Ministerial Candidate (LMC). Becoming an LMC is in many ways the starting line, the beginning of a long process of testing and listening in community. An LMC begins by learning about the history of the denomination, starts practicing some aspects of pastoral ministry under the supervision of an ordained Elder, and prayerfully looks toward the future to see specifically what God would have them do. This work is primarily done at and with the Local church.

After the LMC does all the prescribed work and processing at the local level, if approved, they move on to the conference and become a Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC) where they continue their work with the added supervision and assessment of the Genesis Conference. It is in this phase where one will identify if the calling is truly to being an Ordained Elder (One who is willing to take on the primary leadership of a congregation) or a local "Deacon."

We are excited to welcome Mark Harley into the role of LMC here at Valley Chapel. Mark comes from some experience in a pastoral role at Buffalo Vineyard church and is excited to explore ordination in the FMC. He will be getting opportunities to teach and lead us. Plan to see him preaching semi-regularly, leading some teams (starting with the Liturgy Team), and shadowing me (Pastor Ryan) at various pastoral activities.

Please keep Mark in your prayers, encourage him, ask him to pray with you, seek his wisdom in understanding the scriptures and Christian life, and gently offer him feedback. His discernment is for all of us to participate in. I believe the blessing will be mutual!

Ryan Rovito

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