Our church is led by volunteer ministry leaders who are supported and assisted by paid staff, elected officers, and appointed advisors. As a team, we are always looking for ways to work together to serve our church community as we Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. 


Ryan Rovito

Lead Pastor
Pastor Ryan has served Valley Chapel since 2017, stepping into the "Lead" Pastor role in 2020. Near the end of a 7-year Manufacturing and Data Analysis career and after performing in a Celtic Rock band, Pastor Ryan followed a calling to theological education at Northeastern Seminary. Graduating with a Master's in Divinity with a focus on Transformational Leadership, supported by field training as a Hospital Chaplain, he is excited to guide us on our mission to love God, love people, and make disciples.

Lisa McCrary

Office Manager
Lisa has served as our office administrator since 2013. Lisa manages all things administrative at Valley Chapel including reception, bookkeeping, communication, graphic design, giving management, and so much more. If you have any questions about how our church operates, then Lisa is your resource.

Mark Harley

Local Ministerial Candidate (LMC)
Mark is a student at Northeastern Seminary and exploring whether God is calling him to ordained ministry in the Free Methodist Church. As an LMC, Mark takes on a wide range of pastoral leadership responsibilities including preaching, planning, team leadership, and others as the exploration of his calling unfolds.

Reagan Phillippi

Reagan has been quietly and consistently keeping our church facilities clean every week since 2018. If you run into her while worshipping be sure to say "thank you" for all she does for us here!


Sue Slocum

Meals & Fellowship Specialist
Sue advises our Leaders in the planning and preparing of gatherings and giveaways involving meals.

Chelsie Mantelli

Kidz Ministry Director
Chelsie directs our Children's programming and serves to help kids and grownups draw closer to Jesus together.

Scot Mantelli

Technology Director
Scot is a gifted IT specialist who uses his skills and talents to guide the purchasing, maintenance, and use of technology that enables us to fulfil our mission in the modern world.

Debbie Johnson

Director of Transformational Art
To inspire and equip the community of Valley Chapel to creatively express their faith, Debbie holds space for creating and/or sharing art.

Ann Towner

Care & Prayer Specialist
Ann guides our congregation in how we care for and pray for our community and one another.

Could You Be Our Next Advisor?

Advisors are Members at Valley Chapel who, in partnership with the Pastoral Staff, have discovered an area of personal passion that can make a big difference to their church community. Do you have something you LOVE to do that could SERVE your church? Perhaps it's worth exploring!

Board of Administration

The BOA exists to take care of the temporal business of the church as an organization so as to empower and equip us for the work of ministry. The Lead Pastor serves as the chair and the rest of the board consists of the delegate (1), reserve delegate (1), the Treasurer (1), the Facilities Director (1), and 3 at-large members of the congregation. The individuals who serve here are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the membership of the congregation.

Lauren MacConnell

Delegate ('23-'25)

Gary Towner

Reserve Delegate ('23-'25)

Kristina Copeland

Treasurer (since 2024)

Scot Mantelli

At Large ('24-'26)

Larry Almeter

At Large ('22-'24)

Tina Johnson

At-Large ('23-'25)

James Rasmussen

At-Large ('23-'25)

The Pastor's Cabinet

The Pastor's Cabinet serves as the church's Human Resources Department. Consisting of the Delegate along with 3 at-large members, they pray for and advise the Lead Pastor as well as interview and oversee the paid staff of the church. The individuals who serve here are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the membership of the congregation.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee serves to nominate individuals for election by the membership of the church to serve on the BOA or Pastor's Cabinet. The Lead Pastor along with 4 at-large members serve on this committee.