Everything You Want to Know About: Drawing Closer Seasonal Jan-Apr 2022
December 22nd, 2021
God is doing a new thing at Valley Chapel, but perhaps not what we anticipated. During our online-only worship service on Dec 26th, I said that if I had to pick one word to define life in our communit...  Read More
God is on the Move in Chile!
December 1st, 2021
I would like to introduce you to our newest missionary connection, The Sheriffs in ConcepciĆ³n (kawn-thep-THYON), Chile. We started partnering with then in prayer in 2020 and they had been stuck in the...  Read More
An Advent Conspiracy
November 22nd, 2021
"For the first time in a long time, I am excited about Christmas instead of dreading it. I hope we do Advent Conspiracy as a church every year." Let's make this Christmas about more than just buying m...  Read More
God is Still Rescuing People with Sandy Feet
November 15th, 2021
God is transforming lives all around the world. I was encouraged this week to get a message from our friends Dennis and Kyle Leon in Costa-Rica sharing about a wonderful baptism service they had the p...  Read More
A Christian's Complicated Relationship With War
November 10th, 2021
To be a Christian solider is to live in a paradox. It is to be both willing to die and willing to kill in the name of what is good. So how, on Veteran's Day, do we honor the sacrifice while recognizin...  Read More
Are you ready for Advent?
November 3rd, 2021
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In...  Read More
Why does our church exist?
October 27th, 2021
Have you heard the saying "They couldn't see the forest for the trees". We can get so focused on what is directly in front of us that we lose track of the big picture. Getting focused on the trees for...  Read More
Meet Shannon, The Newest Member of our Team
October 21st, 2021
God has a way of lining things up perfectly.  For Shannon, God has offered a lot of quiet and not so quiet nudges on her journey. I will leave it to you to ask her about her story, but for now I am ex...  Read More
Debbie is going to help us draw closer to Jesus!
October 13th, 2021
As you come in the building on Sunday you may notice a friendly face hanging out by the "Draw Closer" board. Her name is Debbie Johnson and she is amazing! You should definitely say hi if you haven't ...  Read More
In Honor of our Friend Steve
October 7th, 2021
As you're likely already aware, Tuesday night while he and his son Lennon were driving between games, Steve Baker was killed in a motor vehicle collision. [Details are here] There are no words for thi...  Read More
A Big Change for the Gunning Family
September 29th, 2021
As most of you are aware, Hilary Gunning has been leading our worship team as a part-time staff member since 2018. She stepped in as a vocalist and has grown to be an exceptional team leader and song ...  Read More
Drawing Closer Quarterly
September 23rd, 2021
Ever wish you had a little more heads up about what's happening at church? Well wish no longer. We now have a quarterly news and events publication that will help you stay up to speed on everything co...  Read More