May 2022 Society VOTE

As a part of this community, we care about your input, and if you are a member, your commitment to partner with us means you get to decide who serves in official roles. We have 4 open positions and the following folks are willing to serve.

Voting opens on May 29th
Voting ends on June 5th at Midnight

Meet the NOMINEES.

The Board of Administration (BOA)

The BOA exists to take care of the temporal business of the church as an organization so as to empower and equip us for the work of ministry. The Lead Pastor serves as the chair and the rest of the board consists of the delegate (1), the Treasurer (1), the Facilities Director (1), and 4 at-large members of the congregation. The individuals who serve here are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the membership of the congregation. 


The Nominating Committee serves to nominate individuals for election by the membership of the church to serve on the BOA or Pastor's Cabinet. The Lead Pastor along with 4 at-large members serve on this committee.

Gary Towner

BOA (2022-2024)

Larry Almeter

BOA (2021-2023)
*Completing the remainder of a term

Austin Kirkland

BOA (2021-2023)
*Completing the remainder of a term

Deb Mehlenbacher

Nominating Committee (2021-2023)
*Completing the remainder of a term