Society meeting

Questions must be submitted by Jan 21st                 
                         Voting is open until January 27th

How does it work?

Every year our congregation comes together to learn about how the year has gone, hear about the plans for next year, discuss important items and vote on church officers. All are welcome and all are encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions during the meeting. Only official members can vote during the elections. This year's meeting will be a bit different, but we are working hard to ensure everyone has the ability to get updated information, ask questions, and then vote after their questions have been addressed. Here's the plan...

Thursday Jan 14th - A newsletter will be mailed out to all members. It is available as a PDF below. It will contain a full update about our review of church activities since our last meeting, plans for the future, and nominees for official positions.  You will be able to read it over and formulate any questions you may have. You can submit questions above or by calling the office. Questions must be submitted by Jan 21st.

Voting: You will have 2 options for voting. 1 - Via the link below, and 2 - Via mail-in Ballot. If you would like to use a mail-in ballot, please request one by calling the office at 585-786-5445. Voting will be open from Jan 14th-Jan 27th.

Sunday Jan 24th - Our Live Society Meeting will be held online at 12:00PM right here on the app/website. It will not be available on YouTube or Facebook (the purpose is internal business, so we don't want to over-publicize). We will present highlights from the newsletter, and P. Ryan will respond to the questions you submitted.

Sunday Jan 31st - P. Ryan will announce the newly elected officers during worship.