Tech Team

Scot Mantelli    Volunteering Teams

The Tech team serves the kingdom in a bunch of ways. On Sunday mornings they run sound, lights, camera, slides, videos, and the live-broadcast on our App, Website, YouTube and Facebook. During the week they help keep all of our technology up and running from Setting up TV's and projectors, to fixing the internet, and tons of other things. With this much variety there is also a ton of variety to the ways you can serve. What you do can depend entirely on your interests and skills. Some of the ways you can get involved are listed here, but let us know how you would like to serve!

- Camera Operator
- Sound Board Operator
- Stage Hand
- Producer (running the computer that controls slides, videos, and the live-feed)
- Video Editor
- App Tech Support (help our congregation stay connected by teaching them how to use the app)