Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Dec 24, 2020    Pastor Ryan Rovito
Christmas eve is a special time to hold vigil as we await the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas morning. We will sing songs, read scripture, and hear stories about how we can see the one great story clearer from the foggy fringe. Worship will be online and you will be able to participate by dimming the lights in your home and lighting a candle as we sing silent night and then usher in the joy of the season. (Luke 2:1-20) Our Christmas eve service is an evening “vigil” meaning we are acting as watch guards, staying awake until the master of the house arrives. We light candles to represent the hope, peace, joy, and love that we all share while we wait. Since we will be doing this virtually, candles are available in our breezeway for you to take home so that you and yours can participate on Christmas eve. Be sure to stop by and pick up as many as you need.