It's easy, when life gets hard, to simply hunker down and try to survive, yet the gospel doesn't invite us to survive, does it? We are to thrive and cause flourishing for those around us; to live lives of abundance, wise stewardship, and generosity. To do that, we must use the resources God has given us, not to simply spend them but to multiply them for the sake of the world around us. That's why it’s time for...

RE:23, a year of recovery, renewal, and reimagining

2023 at Valley Chapel can be a year of restoration and revival, but it will require us to work together. Our church’s margin helped us endure a difficult season, but it is now time to rebuild, so that we don’t end up burying what we have left in the sand.

 RE:23 has financial goals, but it's about a whole lot more than just finances. It’s about recovering, renewing, and reimagining every part of our lives. So take some time and ask,

“How might God be calling me to “RE” in 2023?”

Then, share your story with your community. We can't wait to hear how God is inviting each of us to experience RE:23.  Let’s lean on one another and the provision of God. Let’s be devout in prayer that God would recover, renew and re-inspire us in 2023 so that his gospel spreads and his love multiplies throughout our community.

Sharing Resources

Contribute to RE:23

For our community, financial recovery looks like $15,000 in our emergency fund and $60,000 (3-months expenses) in our general fund.

Would you join us in this recovery so that we all can continue transforming into a community through whom God's love flows?

No matter where you are on your giving journey, there is a step you can take toward RE:Sourcing the mission and vision.

Give for the first time: This is a HUGE step. Entrusting your resources to this community is choosing to trust. We assure you that your money will be used for the benefit of the kingdom of God! We are always happy to share any information you want to know about how our resources are spent.

Set up recurring giving: Are you ready to move from being spontaneously generous to being a wise steward of God's resources? One way is to prayerfully choose how much to give and have it automatically processed. Simply choose your preferred frequency. Of course this can always be easily changed with a quick email or phone call to the office (

Consider Valley Chapel in your Estate Planning: We are facing the largest generational transfer of wealth in American history and many faithful believers, who have spend their whole lives sharing their resources toward the kingdom of God, will unintentionally cut God out of their will. Take some time to consider how your estate might serve the kingdom beyond your own household. We have resources that can help. Simply schedule a meeting with Pastor Ryan