What we Believe

We are heirs of a long line of saints - known and unknown - who have passed

the Biblical and Historic Christian faith down to us. 

We stand firmly in the ecumenical, Orthodox beliefs expressed in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.


We are Protestant, tracing our theological heritage through the Anglican Church and Martin Luther. 

We believe the Christian life is best expressed through a heart-felt, living, and Evangelical faith
as expressed by John Wesley. 

And we believe that God is working in us today - teaching us to understand and to be Alive to this faith

in our own 21st century.

  • Orthodox

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  • Protestant

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  • Evangelical

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  • Alive

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  • GoD

    We believe in one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Out of love, God created the world and continues to act for our life and salvation. 

  • Humans

    We believe that God created humans in the image of God: innocent and good. But as a race we have put ourselves under the power of sin and are broken from birth. Thankfully, God does not leave us there. Through God's grace all are made able to freely respond to Jesus' offer of salvation and restoration.

  • Salvation

    We believe that Jesus came to the earth in order to save us through his death and resurrection. By a simple life of faith in Jesus our relationship is restored with the Father, and our lives are made new through the Spirit. This salvation is available to all people, is expressed in our lives now, and leads to an eternal life with God.

  • Church

    We believe that God established the church as the outpost of his active presence in the world today. The Spirit of God works through the church to spread the good news of Life, to make broken people whole, to serve the poor, and to sustain us during our troubles.

  • Scripture

    We believe the Bible is the true and authoritative word of God. 

    It gives perfect witness to Christ and the salvation available through him. We allow the Bible to speak words of comfort and words of challenge, words of guidance and words of grace. As such, you will here God's word read, prayed, sung, and preached at every church service at Valley Chapel.

  • Last Things

    We believe in a hopeful future: that, at an unknown time, Jesus will return to earth to resurrect all humans and to fully establish his kingdom. In this reclaiming and redemption of the world, Jesus will judge all people, granting eternal life to those who have followed him and punishing the ungodly. We believe that the choices and actions we make now have an effect on our future.  

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